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Navayana's books are available at the ongoing Delhi book fair at the IPDA stall (Hall 11, Stall 528) and at Samyak Prakashan (12A; 108–110) where our titles nestle among images of the Buddha and Ambedkar with the soft chant of the tri-sarana in the background. In a crowded fair, Samyak has had among the highest footfalls and has expanded its collection to three stalls. ... See MoreSee Less

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Namdeo Dhasal

Namdeo Dhasal (1949-2014), the maverick Marathi poet with hardly any formal education, was born in 1949 in a former ‘untouchable’ community in Pur-Kanersar village near Pune in Maharashtra. In 1972, he founded Dalit Panther, the militant organisation modelled on Black Panther. The same year he published Golpitha that belongs to the tradition in modern urban poetry beginning with Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal. Since then, he has published eight collections of poems from which a representative selection was published in English as A Current of Blood.