Leadership lessons from Ravanan on AoC Day

It is our business at Navayana to proffer the contrarian. We do not quite get along with the world as…

A Gardener in the Wasteland

Jotiba Phule's Fight for Liberty

Story: Srividya Natarajan
Art: Aparajita Ninan

350 300


Beef, Brahmins & Broken Men

An Annotated Critical Selection from The Untouchables

B. R. Ambedkar
Introduction by Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd
Edited and Annotated by Alex George and S. Anand

699 500


13 Years: A Naxalite’s Prison Diary

Ramchandra Singh

Translated from the Hindi by Madhu Singh

With a foreword by Angela Y. Davis

395 300


Antigod’s Own Country

A Short History of Brahminical Colonisation of Kerala

A.V. Sakthidharan

299 250


Radical Equality

Ambedkar, Gandhi, and the Risk of Democracy

Aishwary Kumar

with a Foreword by Kalyan Kumar Das

599 500