Deriving its name from B.R. Ambedkar’s anti-metaphysical interpretation of Buddhism, Navayana is a publishing house that focuses on the issue of caste from an anticaste perspective. Founded in 2003, Navayana publishes general and academic nonfiction, graphic books, poetry and literary translations. It is best known for its finely curated list of books by and on Ambedkar.

The kissing buffaloes on our logo, by artist Chandru, is inspired by an excerpt from Aravind Malagatti’s autobiography in Kannada, Government Brahmana. It is a story about how the ideology of caste does not allow a dalit-owned she-buffalo in heat to mate with a he-buffalo owned by a landlord.


Our team:

S. Anand is the publisher and director of Navayana Publishing Pvt Ltd.

Rajeev Kumar is the office manager and handles all supplies and orders. He was born and raised in Delhi.

Salim Yusufji is an editor with Navayana. He was earlier a schoolteacher. He edited the volume Ambedkar: The Attendant Details.

Prateek Paul joined Navayana as a summer intern in 2017 and is now a part-time editor. He is doing his post-graduation in Delhi.