Arundhati Roy responds to Dalit Camera

1902949_10152278778549188_1710524365_nConversations around Annihilation of Caste have been happening for nearly eighty years. And they continue with renewed vigour. The annotated critical edition of Annihilation of Caste, has triggered debates—not just about AoC, but about who gets to do what with this text. On 15 March, Dalit Camera wrote an open letter to Arundhati Roy, posing “straightforward questions on this complicated and vital debate” over her Introduction, The Doctor and the Saint. The same day Arundhati Roy sent her response, in which she says: “In the past I have written about Big Dams, Nuclear bombs, Corporate Globalization and many other things. Each time people have had objections—similar to yours— about the fact that I have written about them, without being a displaced person, or a bomb expert, or an economist.”

Read Roy’s response here.

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