Speak, freedom of expression!

“Can we separate the tree from the fruit? Yes, maybe, when the tree becomes rotten (or in mass-market production, when we don’t know which tree or even which place a mango comes from). But we do try to stem the rot in the tree, so that at least its future fruits are edible. That’s our ethical and political responsibility. Else, we are in for a strange and bitter crop.” S. Anand, publisher, Navayana.

Read the full interview here.

“I am a proud son of the coast and its culture; I firmly oppose programmes that will harm the ecology of the coasts but I love my country equally. India’s economic prosperity that will help the lowest to march forward should emerge from dynamic leadership. I’ve travelled around and have heard Modi speak. As he is from the lower rungs of society, I think he will be sensitive to the needs of the poor and also in opening India’s economic profile before the world. I appreciated Manmohan Singh when he helped with our economic liberalisation; but now the time has come for Modi.” Joe D’Cruz, author of Aazhi Soozh Ulagu (Ocean Ringed World)

Read the full interview here.

In other news, funnily enough, we can very easily be accused of withdrawing our books from the sight of Modi supporters. Maybe, just maybe, irony might survive.

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