Navayana for the world

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Finally, Navayana’s titles are available worldwide via PayPal. With low shipping costs, the USD prices listed are applicable globally. So irrespective of where you are, begin your journey with Ajay Navaria’s Unclaimed Terrain, of which Teju Cole says “the reader emerges from the pages of this fierce book wiser”; have a tête-à-tête with Siddalingaiah who is keen to have A Word With You; swim in A Current of Blood with Namdeo Dhasal; grapple with the passion, erudition and brilliance of Dr Ambedkar in the annotated edition of Annihilation of Caste illumined by Arundhati Roy’s incisive introduction; let Nalin Swaris walk you through The Buddha’s Way; watch a documentary on Bhagwan Das and  join him in his Pursuit of Ambedkar;  let the late K. Balagopal help you place your ear closer to the ground that has shifted decisively in what once was Andhra Pradesh; watch how Aparajita Ninan applies her craft to Jotiba Phule’s acerbic critique of Hinduism in A Gardener in the Wasteland.

Go on—treat yourself and your friends to a whole range of Navayana books: poetry, fiction, history, graphic novels. (Please do note that many of the titles  which we can sell only within South Asia are not available for sale overseas.)

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