The Myth of the Holy Pow!

Arun–ModidownloadWas the famous university of ancient Magadha, Nalanda, destroyed by a Muslim army commander? Or was it a victim of revisionist Brahmin machinations against the anti-Brahmanism inherent in Buddhism? Arun Shourie, the right-wing Magsaysay-award winning Indian journalist, presents scant evidence to claim it was the former. What he forgets is that while historical facts may not be capable of defending themselves, guardians of history, archeologists of truth, are more than capable of countering fabricated, baseless versions of history.

In his response, D.N. Jha demolishes Arun Shourie’s lies on the destruction of Nalanda University with characteristic wit and the brilliant scholarship he is known for, and which he amply demonstrates in The Myth of the Holy Cow.

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