Singing The Song of the Shirt


The Song of the Shirt tugs at the heartstrings of Samar Halarnkar who calls it as a book which leaves one thoughtful and disturbed in his review in the Mint. He describes how the book hits all the right notes, in the first half in which Jeremy Seabrook dons his journalistic mantle and delves into the music of ordinary lives of the Bangladesh garment industry workers, and in the second half where he becomes a keen social observer and piercing commentator on the weft and warp of structures of labour, globalization, trade, poverty and capital. The review is full of praise for the way Seabrook connects the dots between Dhaka, Kolkata, Murshidabad, Barisal, Mumbai and Manchester.

 Dealing with both the present and the past of the shifting dunes of profit and exploitation, Halarnkar observes, makes this book more than good, it makes it a prophetic declaration on our collective future of exploitation—a breakthrough symphony.

Read the full review here.                                               Buy The Song of the Shirt here.

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