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Navayana is looking for an editor.


Applicants must be well-read in matters related to caste and the dalit movement. In the least, they must be familiar with Dr Ambedkar’s key writings. Gandhians need not apply. Those unable to make a clear distinction between the politics of Ambedkar and Gandhi can stay away as well. Familarity with Navayana’s books and work is expected. Prior experience in publishing will be a plus. Pay will be commesurate with abilities and experience.


Working with Navyana will be challenging and rewarding. The editor will gain  in-depth experience on issues of caste, and get to know the workings of independent publishing, quality book production, design and marketing. All this with the opportunity to work with a range of authors and creators: B.R. Ambekdar, N.D. Rajkumar, Durgabhai Vyam, Premanand Gajvee, Meena Kandasamy, Ajay Navaria, Arundati Roy, Venkat Raman Singh Shyam , Siddalingaih, Jeremy Seabrook, Kancha Iliah and Slavoj Žižek, among others. (And yes, you’ll endear yourself if you cared about the caron  ˇ or háček on Žižek’s ž’s, or if you pick proof mistakes in this copy.)


Preference will be given to Dalit candidates and beefeaters. The job, to be based in New Delhi, will involve extensive research, fact-checking, and maintaining an eagle eye for errors.


If you think you tick many of these boxes, send in your case (to along with a list of the last five books read, and the books you are currently reading, with a brief note on each of these books. All email entries should say “Application for the post of editor” in the subject-line.


Last date for applications: 25 August 2014


  • Narayana Swamy says:

    Dear Navayana

    Good work you are doing. Keep it up.

    The correct spelling is Siddalingaiah, not Siddalingaih.

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