Oxbridge says hello to Dalits


If merit is the availability of opportunity, and that too opportunity at places like Oxbridge, then clearly the brahminical elite of India have had a lot of opportunity. Finally, after many decades, the Oxford and Cambridge Society of India has woken up to the fact that Dalit students from India need the opportunity to study at Oxbridge. They have generously announced one fellowship: “The Richard and Lydia Evans Bursary for a gifted Indian Dalit student to study at Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge. The first scholarships will be offered to students who seek September 2015 entry (and for which the application deadlines are fast approaching – 15 October 2014through UCAS for most cases).” Belated though this is, it has to be welcomed.


Some years ago a Labour MP had raised the issue of racial and social exclusion at 21 colleges in Oxbridge. But a study of the proportion of Indians from privileged castes who make it to these elite colleges would be interesting. 


Details of the fellowship are available at: http://www.cai.cam.ac.uk/node/3342


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