Shoot the messenger!

julian-assange-t-shirt“The US financial blockade against WikiLeaks had provoked massive denial-of-service protests from a once apolitical internet youth. Anonymous—once an obscure internet meme—had become a battering ram for the internet’s emergent political ideology,” says Julian Assange.

In 2011, Google’s Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen seek the absconding Assange for an interview for their new project—theorising global digital evolution in a book called The New Digital Age. Assange obliges, but begins to seriously doubt their  idea of a restricted electronic highway. What follows is his incisive analysis of their skewed politics that now comes to us in the form of When Google Met WikiLeaks.

The book has been making waves. Indian Express excerpts a section from the Introduction where Assange puts into perspective this visit from a delegation ‘one part Google, three parts US foreign-policy establishment’.

Read the full excerpt here.

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