With the sensibility of a poet

Song front cover-rgb (1)Jeremy Seabrook’s The Song of the ShirtCheap Clothes Across Continents and Centuries has notched another glowing review, this time in The Indian Express.

Vinay Lal says “Seabrook skilfully weaves together tales of peasants with stories of weavers, moving back and forth between the village and the city, water and land, lush green fields and the ramshackle appearance of South Asia’s urban patches,” and that “he is versed in historical sources but not burdened by them; and only someone with the sensibility of a poet can ruminate on the strange interplay of fire and water that has shaped the contours of the lives of his subjects.”

The reviewer concludes that, Seabrook has “accomplished the enviable task of rendering naked the social processes which have helped to clothe the world and disguise some unpalatable truths about the treacherousness of what is usually celebrated as entrepreneurial capitalism.”

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