Progressively Backward Brahmins

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Many of Navayana’s authors are sharpshooters. Amita Kanekar whose epic novel on the Buddha, A Spoke in the Wheel, is due for launch in a revised edition mid-December gives a piece of her mind to Rajdeep Sardesai and tears into his unrepentant belief in GSBs as a ‘progressive community’ that also been a victim of reverse discrimination. While Sardesai blames caste quotas in cabinets for lack of talented GSBs, Kanekar confronts him with hard facts:

We have had numerous worthies from the GSB community sitting in high places in Goa’s education system, not just professors and top university officials, but also the last chief minister, also the education minister, even as reservation rules are being brazenly flouted all around. The result in Goa University, where faculty reservations are supposed to be close to 50%, is that out of more than 150 existing teaching posts, not even 5 are reserved.

And she asks:

Isn’t it nice to learn that those at the top of the caste hierarchy, those who dominated the village communities, controlled the most fertile lands and the biggest money-spinning temples, employing bonded tenants, servants and also hereditary slave labour (D.D. Kosambi, Myth and Reality, 1962), were also oppressed by the Portuguese?

Read the full piece here, and wait for her novel till 10 December.

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