Jha takes on Holy Cows


D.N. Jha remains an outspoken voice of reason: he likes to call a cow a cow. The author of The Myth of the Holy Cow, a book that got him into much trouble during the previous BJP-led NDA regime, minces no words when he takes on Narendra Modi, Dinanath Batra and Subramanian Swamy in an interview to Business Standard. Jha’s book, after a court in Hyderabad lifted the injunction against it, has been published by Navayana since 2009 with an Afterword by Dr B.R. Ambedkar on beef-eating and its connection with Brahmins and untouchability.

In this interview, Jha has this to say of Batra:

‘Personally, I wouldn’t like to even sit with him. What history can be discussed with a person who talks of Vedic science, and aeroplanes and genetics in the ancient period? I have a whole list of howlers in the textbooks written by Batra. He has emerged as the champion of superstition and unreason, which has the approval of the prime minister.’

Read the full interview here; buy the book worldwide here.

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