The Wheel Begins to Roll

SITW-Front Cover-high

The revised new edition of Amita Kanekar’s historical novel, A Spoke in the Wheel, which offers a radical retelling of the Buddha’s life, will be launched today, 5 December 2014, at the Goa Arts and Literature Festival, GALF. If you are in Goa, head here. A resident of Panjim, Goa, Kanekar will be in conversation with the dervish, Jason Keith Fernandes (an outspoken academic who also writes for DNA).

‘One can’t help wondering if things actually did happen this way,’ said a review in The Hindu. Amita indeed does some time travel to tell us how exactly things happened between Emperor Ashoka and the monk Upali, and how Upali negotiates his way around the extraordinary man Siddhartha.

On this occasion, the novel may be ordered exclusively from Navayana at a generous discount that includes free postage.

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