The Navayana Prize for Best Beef Recipes


Kerala beef fry

Every year, every other moment, we get a chance to remind readers and ourselves the significance of one book Navayana republished in 2009 after other publishers ran shy of it: D.N. Jha’s The Myth of the Holy Cow. The book makes a good keema (mince) of all the myths around the cow. Jha of course bolsters what Ambedkar argued decades ago—that, for the Vedic Brahmin “every day was a beef-steak day”.

Maharashtra has done what earlier Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka did. But in Delhi, that fancies itself as the imagined nation’s capital, a ban has been in place since 1994 in the form of the Delhi Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act. The fundamental problem is with how the Gandhian brigade sneaked the cow into the Constitution through the back door. Article 48 of the Directive Principles of State Policy says: “The state shall, in particular, take steps for … prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.” 


This has to change. Till then, hold on to your copy of The Myth of the Holy CowCow

For now, here’s something you, our readers, can do. Send us your favourite beef recipes: it has to be original, imaginative, bold and something special (not an internet download). Do send pictures along. The best written recipes will be published on the Navayana blog, and you will receive any two books from our catalog for free.

Mail entires to anand AT navayana DOT org. All emailed entries must bear the subject-line: “The Navayana Prize for Best Beef Recipes”.

Last date: 20 March 2015.

It would of course be lovely if, in exchange, you could come and share your beef dish with us—if you live in Delhi.

PS: This competition has no terms and conditions.

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