The Big Navayana End-of-Year Sale

Imperative Weapons 2

50% discount on 35 titles all through December!

For this new year, we are giving you a chance to stock up on all those Navayana titles that you always wanted to have, but something came in the way…

Is Meena Kandasamy’s Ms Militancy still missing from your shelf? Did you not join Siddalingaiah in laughing and crying at the world? Did you miss Nalin Swaris’ book on Buddhism’s enduring social message? Do you really want to go beyond Alex Haley’s Roots and hear what Saidiya Hartman has to say? Be beguiled by Gogu Shyamala and claim the Unclaimed Terrain through Ajay Navaria.

Take your pick or grab them all; or gift it to someone who does not have these books—

Agitating the Frame by Slavoj Žižek

The Sublime Object of Ideology by Slavoj Žižek

The Pariah Problem by Rupa Viswanath

Too Afraid to Cry by Ali Cobby Eckerman

Carpentaria by Alexis Wright

A Spoke in the Wheel by Amita Kanekar

When Google Met WikiLeaks by Julian Assange

The Song of the Shirt by Jeremy Seabrook

Tiananmen by Morgan Chua

The Strength of Our Wrists by Premanand Gajvee

Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco

A World with You, World by Siddalingaiah

The Exercise of Freedom ed. by K. Satyanarayana and Susie Tharu

Postcolonial Theory and the Spectre of Capital by Vivek Chibber

Unclaimed Terrain by Ajay Navaria

A Rogue and Peasant Slave by Shashank Kela

Father may be an Elephant and Mother only a Small Basket, But… by Gogu Shyamala

A Second Sunrise (HB/PB) by Cheran

The Buddha’s Way for Human Liberation by Nalin Swaris

The Business of Words by André Shiffrin

Embodying Difference by Timothy D. Amos

Dispersed Radiance by Abha Sur

Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Y. Davis

People without History by Jeremy Seabrook and Imran Ahmed Siddiquik

Lose Your Mother by Saidiya Hartman

Un/common Cultures by Kamala Visweswaran

Bhimayana (HB) by Durgabai Vyam, Subhash Vyam, Srividya Natarajan and S. Anand

Give Us this Day a Feast of Flesh by N.D. Rajkumar

Ms Militancy by Meena Kandasamy

Waking is another Dream ed. by Ravikumar

A Current of Blood by Namdeo Dhasal, tr. by Dilip Chitre

In the Tiger’s Shadow by Namdeo Nimgade

Thus Spoke Ambedkar Vol 1 (HB), ed. by Bhagwan Das

In Pursuit of Ambedkar by Bhagwan Das

Religious Rebels in the Punjab by Mark Juergensmeyer

The Persistence of Caste by Anand Teltumbde

Seeking Begumpura by Gail Omvedt

The Blindness of Insight by Dilip M. Menon 

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