Navayana turns 13!

Navayana turns 13: 50–65% off on ALL titles, starting at Rs. 50!
5 November 2003 was the day Navayana set out to steer the wheel Ambedkar set in motion. 13 years on we’ve made books that provoke and stimulate and sometimes soothe—now what are you waiting for? Go here and add to cart.
Good and bad-minded men, women, and those in-between, children and adults, goblins and trolls, pig-and-cow-eaters and those that chew on grass in all forms, anyone in the world endowed with a credit or debit card, all those who can afford to buy what we struggle to make and sell so that we think we can make this unbearable world a little bearable—our 13th anniversary sale is here.

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