Navayana is looking for an editor

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If working on the poetry of N.D. Rajkumar or Lal Singh Dil excites you, if you cannot sleep till you get to the bottom of why Ambedkar called Gandhi “an elf [who] can never grow up and grow out of the caste ideology”, if the dying art of making powerful and beautiful books in a sunlit office (and finding ways of selling them) sounds like something you would love to do, you may be the editor Navayana is looking for.

The job, to be based in New Delhi, will involve extensive research, fact checking, a flair for writing pithy social media posts, and maintaining an eagle eye for errors. Send in your case (to anand AT along with a list of the last five books you read, and the books you are currently reading, with a brief note on each of them. Since we live in a terribly unequal world, and since proscribed habits die hard, beef-eaters will be shown a bias.

All email entries should say “Application for the post of editor” in the subject-line.

Last date for applications: 20 December 2016

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