Making History: Navayana’s Dalit History Month Programmes

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Every now is Dalit History Month

Last year Navayana took a leap into the unknown by announcing the Dalit History Fellowships. After months of discussions and deliberation, eight fellows were awarded the first-ever nDHFs. Work on this is going on apace. Over this Dalit History Month, we will be organizing online discussions with four of the fellows about their works-in-progress.


8 April 2022, Friday, 6pm

Discussion with Chandrabhan P. Yadav on his project Following the Trail: Ambedkar, Buddhism and Caste

Chandrabhan’s project is an excavation of the possible emancipatory kernel in Buddhism’s history, while also restoring Ambedkar’s historical method which has been discredited by ‘professional historians’.

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10 April 2022, Sunday, 4pm

Discussion with Meera Jatav and translator Priyanka Kotamraju about the project The Waves We Made

Meera Jatav was the founding editor of Khabar Lahariya, a newspaper that has been reporting local, national and international stories from its own unique feminist standpoint. Led by dalit, adivasi and Muslim women reporters, this outlet has become the stuff of legend. In chronicling her own story, Meera will tell the story of where she came from and of the women who broke the mould.

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13 April 2022, Wednesday, 6pm

Book Launch—Land, Guns, Caste, Woman: The Memoir of a Lapsed Revolutionary

In attendance: Gita Ramaswamy, Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd and Bhadramoni Shankaraiah

Gita’s is an extraordinary story of fighting familial-brahminism, becoming a Naxalite, facing the Emergency, leaving Naxalism, and finally becoming a part of a historic land and wage struggles led by the dalits of Ibrahimpatnam, Telangana. Join three extraordinary people as they come together to discuss their stories.

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18 April 2022, Monday, 6pm

Discussion with Ishita Roy about her project Kanshi Ram: Archiving Bahujan Politics in Bengal

Ishita grew up in Bengal, hearing about the greatness of Kanshi Ram, surrounded by the activities of the iconic leader’s party. She realized that over the years much of this work remained unstoried. Through her project, she will tell of the ways in which BSP’s activities affected the lives of the people attached to it, and how it offers us a glimpse into the future of egalitarian politics.

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24 April 2022, Sunday, 6pm

Ankit Kawade discusses his project The Genius of the Chandala and the Gospel of the Superman with Huzaifa Omair Siddiqi

The fact that Nietzsche studied the Manusmriti, or that Ambedkar studied Nietzsche, is rarely discussed in conjunction or even in isolation. Ankit Kawade’s project will reveal the underlying stakes of the philosophies of the two thinkers, and how they diverged and converged in their conceptions of human freedom and equality. In this discussion, Ankit and Huzaifa, two emergent minds in Subcontinental Theory, will discuss this project and their shared philosophical terrain.

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