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Jotiba: Savitri and I invite you to dialogue with us on the occasion of the launch of A Gardener in the Wasteland—a graphic book based on my 1873 work, Gulamgiri/ Slavery. It was my effort to weed out myths from this wasteland of caste. Srividya Natarajan and Aparajita Ninan have brought my book and the ideas of Satyashodak Samaj to life.

Dhondiba: HARKAT@SARAI #7. Saturday, 11 Feb 2012, 6.30 p.m. Sarai-CSDS, 29 Rajpur Road, Civil Lines, Delhi—110054.

Jotiba: Come, wear a mask and enjoy an evening of performances (Parnab Mukherjee and Inder Salim), film, gestures and posters that will provoke, amuse and force you to think. No speeches, panels or ribbons. We promise not to bore you.

Savitri: Whereas cow’s piss can be drunk, cow’s meat cannot be legally served in Delhi—and that’s a ban few are protesting. So we’ll offer you some buff kebabs and say cheers to buffalo nationalism!

Brahma: Yay! I’ll be there too! Seems men who menstruate will be given preferential treatment. Am looking forward! (Eh Joti! I can also see sideward, you see!)

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Here’s a peak into how Aparajita Ninan crafted her first graphic novel.



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