Annihilation of Caste

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》  Hindu society is a collection of castes.
》  The caste system is a negative thing.
》  Caste has no scientific origin.
》  The caste system is a division of labourers.
》  Caste has completely disorganised and demoralised the Hindus.
》  It is a pity that caste even today has its defenders.

In 1936, Dr B.R. Ambedkar imagined a future for India without caste. He not only condemned the caste system but called for the annihilation of the very idea. For this, he said, the Hindus must discard their Vedas and Shastras that do not teach them reason or morality. The Arya Samaj group that invited him to their annual conference found his views ‘unbearable’ and disinvited him. The undelivered speech, Annihilation of Caste, is a modern classic. This elegant, affordable, accessible edition offers the best for less.

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (1891–1956) is one of India’s most radical thinkers. He transformed the social and political landscape in the struggle against British colonialism. He was a prolific writer who oversaw the drafting of the Indian Constitution and served as India’s first Law Minister. In 1935, he publicly declared “I had the misfortune of being born with the ‘Untouchable Hindu’ stain… [but] I will not die as a person who calls himself a Hindu!” Ambedkar eventually embraced Buddhism, a few months before his death in 1956.

‘Ambedkar is the greatest public intellectual in the history of India’Cornel West

‘No Hindu can afford to underrate the importance of Ambedkar’s indictment’—Mahatma Gandhi

‘Doctor Ambedkar’s speech is a fusillade of pistol shots’—Beverley Nichols

‘What a steam-roller intellect: levelling down palms and poppies’—Dr Pattabhi Sitaramayya

‘What Communist Manifesto is to the capitalist world, Annihilation of Caste is to caste India’—Anand Teltumbde