Bhim Box

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  • ISBN: 9788189059958, 9788189059965, 9788194447122, 9788189059170, 9788189059255, 9788189059538, 9788189059545, 9788189059675, 9788189059774, 9788189059873, 9788189059880

A package of books by, on and of B.R. Ambedkar.
Eleven books, that reveal an emancipatory life.

This pack includes:

  1. A Stake in the Nation by B.R. Ambedkar—Rs 399
  2. Beef, Brahmins & Broken Men by B.R. Ambedkar— Rs 599
  3. Ambedkar: The Attendant Details by Salim Yusufji— Rs 295
  4. Riddles in Hinduism by B.R. Ambedkar— Rs 399
  5. Annihilation of Caste by B.R. Ambedkar — Rs 499
  6. Against the Madness of Manu by Sharmila Rege— Rs 399
  7. Bhimayana by Durgabai Vyam, Subhash Vyam, Srividya Natarajan, S. Anand  — Rs 399
  8. Ambedkar’s World by Eleanor Zelliot — Rs 399
  9. No Laughing Matter by Unnamati Syama Sundar — Rs 599
  10. Ambedkar and Other Immortals by Soumyabrata Choudhury — Rs 395
  11. Radical Equality by Aishwary Kumar — Rs 599

‘To compare the average oration of a Congress politician with a speech by Doctor Ambedkar is like comparing a Hindu chant with a fusillade of pistol shots’Beverley Nichols

‘What a steam-roller intellect: levelling down palms and poppies’—Dr Pattabhi Sitaramayya

‘There are no more worlds for Ambedkar to conquer’—Prof Herbert Foxwell