Arundhati Roy’s lecture at Columbia University

It is fashionable to talk of all the wonderful changes resulting from the free-market loving democracy that India is becoming.


Arundhati Roy bursts this bubble at a Verso event around the launch of the US edition of Annihilation of Caste at Columbia University


“People may argue that global capital has broken down networks of caste and created different hierarchies but the opposite is true, this new democracy has only entrenched and modernized caste. For example, the whole world knew when the protests happened against the gang rape in Delhi in 2012 but you would be shouted down on any Indian television channel if you were to mention that that same year, 1500 dalit women were raped by privileged caste men, and that’s just the recorded number. Everyone loves to study the poor and talk about them, nobody does that for the rich. If you ask who the billionaires in India are you will see that they are all baniyas. Corporations are family owned and so is the media. Caste and capitalism have merged into a deadly alloy,” she said. 


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